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Onwards, ho!

ImageSo after a few years of dithering, humming and hawing and thousands of valid, some not so valid excuses, the MBA journey has resumed. I have bitten the bullet, taken a date to give the damn GMAT and time has magically made itself available as boredom, sleepiness have made surprising disappearance. I am calling it a meant-to-be signal from God or the powers that be because god knows I have never ever had the will power to get myself to work hard otherwise.

My mom mentioned this in her usual “not being profound but here is some wisdom” way, and this gave me some heart, that there must have been an ounce of determination, will power or as this TED Talk says grit to have been a rank holder in school, gone into a fairly decent college and been a high performer at work. And in some magical way, it helped clear the mind in a way I had not felt in a long time.

Now to address the elephant in the room – the last entry was in August last year and why am I back now? The travels happened, not everything that I had in mind but more than I thought could be possible :). We went to India, and visited Chicago, Miami, Niagara in addition to the nearby places here in the US. Work blew up in a way I never thought possible and I learnt so much in the last year of my professional life that the 5 years before it seem quite meaningless now. I did get rewarded with a promotion that everyone thought was in the bag much before it was, which I think is great :). I also got to be the project manager of a pro bono consulting project, a first, which was an exhilarating experience in itself.

So once all this was over or rather, was just about to get over, I had an epiphany about doing MBA. So many who know me, will probably exclaim, FINALLY. And while I have wanted to do my MBA since I was 17 and getting into Engineering college, I had all but given it up when I fell off the CAT bandwagon. I spoke to so many of my friends and while I saw and understood why they wanted to do it, what was great, and why they felt I should join – I didn’t feel the same about it anymore. And while I started and stopped my GMAT preparation many times over under peer pressure and also when my job seemed like a dead-end, I didn’t feel my calling until now.

And then jump to about a month ago, here I was, thinking seriously and hard about taking the plunge and I started reading blogs of people going through the same journey, talking on the forums such as GMATclub and BeattheGMAT and that gave me hope. It lifted my spirits to see similar thoughts and doubts and hear each persons unique challenges. It has been helping me stay motivated as I take a plunge and also rekindled my urge to write and pen down my thoughts here.

I may not be back before I give my exam in a few weeks but I hope to chronicle my application process and think out aloud here as I embark on this journey.

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