Music that makes me smile

08 Aug

I am sure everyone has one happy song or a piece of music that takes you to a happy place or right back to an unforgettable time, right? I think I have a few that always put me in a better mood and get me reminiscing.

  1. The Office Theme Song

I started watching The Office in February 2010 when it had already run over 5 seasons here in US. What’s so special? Well, I was visiting DC on an official visit/vacation that February of the famous DC Snowmegaddon and while it was a new city et al, I was meeting Dodo (my then boyfriend – now husband) after 8 months and it was too cold for us to be really adventurous outside. So, post-office, we’d grab dinner and come back and watch the show and I’d doze off to this music catching up on my jet-lag. A week later, we moved to Charlotte for the vacation part of my trip and I spent two weeks catching up from Season 1-5 while Dodo and his friends went to their actual office! I associate this music to my first trip outside the country, first time staying alone with Dodo and deciding – I can marry this guy and move to US! For the next year and half as we figured out our way to make things work, this music wa

2.  Friends Theme Song

Dodo introduced me to Friends but me and my roommates spent hours and hours on LAN watching all the 10 seasons over and over and over again till we could quote their dialogues to real life situations. I can solely credit Friends and their characters for keeping my long distance relationship alive for 5 years. 🙂 Dodo and I fought and he was terrible at making up afterwards,but  I could always depend on him picking up a random Friends episode and crack me up over the phone. Then, after college, it helped me bond with my sister-in-law who was my room mate in Hyderabad as she and I along with her brother spent hours during lazy summer weekends watching the same re-runs again.  And it still does not get old!

3. Pehla Nasha

This is the song of me as an 18 year old smitten for the first time ever in college with a TDH (tall, dark and handsome!) if there was ever one. I spent agonizing hours during my first year trying to make sense of his flirting and seeing more into it than he meant. The icing on the cake came just a month before the end of my first year and his college final year when he dedicated this song to me in front of the entire college during our cultural festival and asked me for a dance! Then he, all of 6’2″, walked half way across the field where I stood with all my friends, seniors and practically everyone who I knew in college and danced with me for the entire song. I don’t remember landing on the ground the entire night. And now, every time I hear this song playing, I swear I float – just a little, with a smile on my face :).

4. Tu hi meri shab hai and Tonight are two songs that I associate with some really romantic moments with Dodo over the last few years. 😉  I remember him introducing me to Vodka with Limca for the first time while Tu hi meri shab hai played – ‘nuf said!

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